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We all know it for a fact that websites usually define the fate of any online business. If your website isn’t good enough, whatever you might do in the background won’t pay dividends. Whether you work your socks off on SEO to direct organic traffic to your site or try viral marketing on social media sites to raise traffic, it won’t be of any use if your website doesn’t impress the visitors on first look, if it doesn’t give them any reason to stay and explore.


You can think of your website like your business’s foundation. If the foundation isn’t right, your structure won’t be able to hold up much whatever material you use and whichever experts you hire for developing the exterior. It would all come apart no matter what you would do. But if you get the foundation right, the structure would never fall.

Now that the importance of a website for any online business has been established, let’s explore the ways in which you might want to get it created. There are ways to create a website.

  • You can build it yourself by using services that hand you the tools.
  • You can use ready-made templates and customize it to your needs.
  • You can hire a professional web design company to get a custom website built from scratch.


So, which one is better? We do believe that any business that wants to succeed in a competitive market and wants to increase the customer base must go with custom Canberra Web Design. Well, you might wonder why not go with the DIY approach or go with general templates?

Well, it’s a very valid question. So, let’s see where these two approaches would take you. The biggest problem with both the approaches is that they end up offering you something that is generic and that is very commonplace.

Most websites that let you design the website use a basic template or let you choose a basic template and then let you play with the placement of widgets, the background color, the font and the font size. The problem is that basic theme that you will build on. Almost every one of five who would use that service would opt for a theme that you would opt and since themes define the look and feel of the website rather than the background color and font, you will hardly get a unique website. One dummy won’t stand out of the rest just because the color of the clothing it displays is different from the rest!

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