Cogeneration and trigeneration power and energy systems

EcoGeneration – “the” ecological and economic way to generate clean energy for your business. EcoGeneration produces huge savings for our ecology, through the reduction, and sometimes complete elimination of the pollution typically associated with power generation, as well as our clients’ economic bottom-line, through savings as much as 90% decrease in fuel expenses.

Is your business out of business when there is a black-out or power interruption? Are increasing energy costs decreasing your bottom line? Have your electric rates doubled? Tripled??? QUADRUPLED??? You can make your own electricity for as little as $0.06/kilowatt hour!! Now is the time to consider making your own on-site power with a cogeneration or trigeneration power plant!!


New cogeneration and trigeneration power plants are eligible for a 30% cash rebate in California. Click here to find out more.

Like most of the people and companies we visit, just one intermittent power interruption can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why more and more businesses are seeking ways to become energy reliant and independent by providing their own onsite power.

Cogeneration’s Time Has Come! Cogeneration is proven technology – not the latest energy industry buzz-word. Cogeneration power plants have been around for over 100 years. Few people realize the very first power plant was a cogeneration plant designed and built by Thomas Edison in New York in 1882! With the countless numbers of cogeneration success stories, from around the world, it’s no wonder “cogeneration is now on-line for a global power surge.”

And, trigeneration can be up to 50% more efficient than cogeneration! Trigeneration provides four (4) different types of energy for the price of one! With a trigeneration power plant, you make electricity, hot water and/or steam, AND chilled water, with only one fuel input and combustion process. The easiest way to explain trigeneration is that you start with a cogeneration power plant and add additional equipment that takes the waste heat from a cogeneration plant to make chilled water for air conditioning or process uses. Trigeneration is also known as “Integrated Energy Systems,” “Buildings, Cooling, Heating and Power.” “Cooling, Heating and Power for Buildings,” and “Combined Cooling Heating and Power.”

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