7 Secrets In SEO Content Writing

Search engine optimization or SEO content writing is a website marketing tool used by many to gather free and natural traffic to your web page. Here are some tips for you to have a well crafted SEO content:

1. A Great Headline. Having a great and catchy headline is important. Keep it brief and use important keywords in it. You can use a headline, which includes numerals or the List type headline, Top 10 Most Commonly Used Keywords. You can also create a headline, which uses words with exclusivity, The 5 Secrets Of Content Writing. You can also create a title which implies an existing consensus just like ‘Who Else Wants To Learn The Art Of Content Writing Today?’. Additionally, you can use a headline, which offers a quick fix, “10 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat”.

2. Use Key Phrases, Not Keywords. It is time for you to learn the use of keyword density – instead of using keywords, use key phrases. Using key phrases, such as ‘Which broker offers the best RIO?’, instead of using keywords, such as ‘broker’ or ‘RIO’, directly taps the mind of your readers and web searchers. This ensures that your targeted audience will find YOU if they are looking for brokers, which offers the best RIO.

3. Geo-Target. If you want to increase your traffic locally, it is best to include your locality name on your headline – e.g Podiatrist In Provo.


4. Content. Make sure that you write article content, which is relevant to what you do. Also remember that the article is going to benefit your targeted audience. Make sure that your content is informative, which will help your customers stick around and want to learn more about you and what you can offer.

5. Content Length. There is no clear answer as to what is the ideal length for a post to be. However, most of the articles, which land the first page of search engines (Google) have an average length of 2000 words. This is okay if you are writing a blog. As a general rule, write article content with words not lesser than 400 words and not over 1000 words.

6. Don’t Stack Your Keywords. If you are using several keywords in an article, don’t always write them in the same manner each time you use them. It is more effective to spread your keywords over your article.

7. Write Original Content. Your article should be original to your website and is unique to you. Avoid using duplicate content in your website. You don’t want to commit plagiarism. Additionally, search engines will automatically put you at the bottom of the search results if they see a duplicitous content on your web page.

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