Mole Removal Cost

Having a mole removed can be a very simple procedure. Because moles are so common, mole removal is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgeries on the planet. When it comes down to it however, it is difficult to come up with an actual mole removal cost. With a few different options the cost of a mole removal can vary by the size of the mole and the option you decide to go with for mole removal. In this article we will go over some of the mole removal costs.

For a small mole to be removed via a laser method the cost usually ranges from about $120-$150 a mole. A laser is one of the easiest surgical methods for the removal of a small mole. Larger moles really cannot be removed by a laser procedure as of right now. But for a smaller mole procedure a

laser mole removal cost

is well worth it. Laser mole removal usually has the fastest healing time and the smallest risk for scaring out of any surgical option as no stiches will be required afterward.


A dermatologist can also use a surgical option to remove a mole. The surgical option of an elliptical excision or shave excision is best used for larger moles and will sometimes require stiches or cauterization to close the wound. The mole removal cost using this procedure varies from $100 for a small mole to up to $400 for a large mole requiring a few different treatments to remove the entire mass. A plastic surgeon can also work to remove a mole if it is for cosmetic reasons, however a plastic surgeon will charge a bit more from around $300-$2000 depending on the size of the mole. This price for a mole removal cost may seem a bit expensive, but with a plastic surgeon they will work to not only perform the surgery, but also work to reduce scarring and make it seem as if no procedure had even taken place. With the dermatologist option especially when using stitches there is a much higher risk for marks and scarring after the mole has been removed.



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