Why Choose E-Cigarettes over normal ones?

The new alternative to smoking real cigarettes with the same hit of nicotine is the electronic cigarette, also known as the e-Cig, e Cigarette or electric cigarette. It looks like a cigarette and gives the feeling of actual smoking and produces more smoke-like vapor but there is absolutely no pollution. The new alternative for smokers who prefer not to use tobacco to get their nicotine hit and want to be able to “smoke” in most banned areas.


Super mini E-cigarette omits a smoke like vapor which disappears within a few seconds. No lingering smell left on on your clothes, no more tobacco smoke. Use right out of the box, see and feel the difference and enjoy the new alternative right away!


E Cigarette is a new way of smoking and different from normal cigarettes. For best results take relaxed, long and slow draws on the e cig to produce the best vapor. The atomiser will gain in power and performance once it breaks in, this can happen very quickly or take a day or two. Brand new atomizers can also be primed with a few drops of e liquid, this is called dripping* and it will increase the vapor output. Some users prefer this but it is not essential.


Sometimes the atomizer may become blocked, try unscrewing it with the cartridge still attached and blow quickly through the metal threaded end once or twice. Another method is removing the cartridge from the atomizer (while still attached to the battery) and blowing on the LED end of the battery. This will produce vapor/smoke from the atomizer. Do this for about 5 seconds as the atomizer cleans itself. If there is liquid or moisture around the atomiser, then clean around the sides with a soft cloth but do not touch the tip. If there are any strands of material on the tip then pull them away with your fingers. The atomiser can get quite hot if you keep using a cartridge that is dry or needs replacing, extended use like this can damage it.

Another process used is called – dripping*. If the atomizer is not producing vapor then try dripping a few drops of e liquid onto it, this will produce more vapor and sometimes re- activate an atomizer that appears to be dead.


Poor performance, quick fixes:

Make sure the battery is charged. Clean the atomizer. Check the cartridge, if it is over used and dry then replace it with a new one.

Battery care and charging:

In order to avoid a short circuit try not to place *lithium batteries next to mobile phones or live electrical equipment. Do not place metal objects into the threaded screw end. The batteries come with a slight charge and can be used right away, however it is best to give them a full charge of between 4 – 6 hours. The charger will turn to green to indicate a full charge sooner than this, but keep it going for at least 4 hours. Normal charging will be quicker. After a full charge, The battery can last for approximately 1 day with normal use or longer with light use.

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